Re: SIAI's flawed friendliness analysis

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 00:27:13 MDT

On Friday 30 May 2003 03:37 pm, Robin Lee Powell wrote:

> > I confess that I would start giving strange looks to an FAI that
> > developed the habit of visiting BDSM webpages or downloading
> > tentacle hentai. No offense to aficionados is intended, but you
> > have to admit it would be very odd.
> As an afficianado of same, it would indeed strike me as *very* odd
> for something without hormones or sexual organs to develop a strong
> interest in such sites.

While I am not a player, BDSM doms I know tell me that it isn't
particularly about sex at all. It is more about trust, role playing,
psychodynamics and so on. To the extent this is true, I don't see
why an AGI wouldn't find such a site fascinating for a time. Heck,
I would expect an AGI curious to know more about humans to look into
many aspects of human behavior including psychosexual aspects.

- samantha

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