RE: Open Mind already becoming useful

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat May 31 2003 - 14:13:06 MDT


> The above article seemingly suggests that the current
> applications for Open Mind are very specific and
> non-commercial but its nevertheless surprising that
> this approach is working when you consider all the
> technical efforts going into projects such as
> Novementa and SIAI.

Push Singh is a smart, creative guy, but I don't see the success of these
projects as particularly surprisingly -- no more so than the success of
Google, and less so in my view than the success of, say, Mathematica or
Maple. It's not news that clever tricks can give rise to useful
applications that emulate narrow functions of intelligence. Some of these
tricks are algorithm-driven & some are data-driven. The relevance to the
quest for artificial general intelligence is fairly limited.

Open Mind and Mindpixel (less so; the quality of the latter seems very low
in spite of the ratings mechanism) could one day be useful knowledge
resources for an AGI system, once that system had gained enough English
knowledge to successfully parse and comprehend the majority of the knowledge

-- Ben G

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