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From: Cliff Stabbert (
Date: Sat May 31 2003 - 00:50:40 MDT


James Martin Luther wrote:

JML> Maybe even more than human. The diverse and free-willed nature of the
JML> rogues in the Matrix (and the fact that there were self-acting rogues
JML> at all) completely changed my in-movie "worldview". The hegemonic
JML> Matrix turned out to be a loose system exploiting and controlling
JML> agents with varying loyalties and capabilities.

JML> In Matrix Reloaded, Neo was even an expected aspect of the system.

Aye. And the only Free Agent turned out to be Smith...

JML> Although there are many annoying elements to the Matrix, the movie has
JML> many of the benefits of an ancient Greek play. Well, hazards, too.
JML> These philosophical perspectives are very hard to convey without the
JML> long monologues, silly premises, and hyper-allegorical characters. The
JML> effects offered the characters a good mask to hide behind.

Agreed. I'm very curious how the third part turns out. I don't think
most people will get what they're expecting (well, yes, there will be
more eyecandy). I've read a few interesting analyses that make much
of the Gnostic symbolism and names used, which points in some
interesting directions.

JML> The Matrix has a lot to offer us in terms of how we deal with
JML> potentially dangerous machines, on a moral level, and on a practical
JML> level.

I don't think The Matrix is about machines and technology, despite
initial appearances.

[On a separate note, I thought the Wall of Neos effect was neat, and
that something along its lines would be an interesting way to convey
_Dune_'s internal multitudes. The crucial element lost in _Dune_'s
translations to the screen has been the inner world and I'd love to
see somebody take a whack at it. Maybe Peter Jackson and the
Wachowski brothers could team up with the set & costume designer from
The Fifth Element...damn, I just managed to make myself salivate*.]

I have to admit that I was a bit underwhelmed by the first movie. The
effects rocked, but the story seemed like so much cheap coffeeshop
philosophy mixed with bad pulp scifi (humans as batteries, the machines
have taken over, etc.). Better than most mindless Hollywood crap, of
course, but I had seen similar ideas presented better elsewhere. I
was pleasantly surprised by Matrix Reloaded; it appears that what Neo
was lead to believe was just another cover story.

I look forward to further onion peeling in part 3.

* I will _not_ think about Amber...I will _not_ think about Amber...


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