Matrix Reloaded Non-Review

From: Durant Schoon (
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 23:27:51 MDT

SEMI-SPOILERs below (but not really)

I'm sure the reason that no one has bothered to review this new
Matrix movie(*) is that there is little new to discuss about the
pathetic AI cliches that persist in hollywood filmmaking. I
like the movie as a kung fu flick but not as an AI movie. So,
instead of reviewing Reloaded, I'll recommend reading "Queen
of Angels" by Greg Bear which I'm only part way through, but
loving every page of it :)

As I'm also going through CFAI more thoroughly, Eliezer's
comments about how humans write stories about AI's rings so
true. Seeing the anthropomorphized struggle of humans against
AI's (from the back story found at, episode
1) depicted as if machine robots were humans, seems so fake now.
Just pure manipulation for the dramatic retelling of our own
ancient stories. It would be wonderful if the Wachowski brothers
had read CFAI...but then again, they went ahead with a script in
which humans are enslaved to machines for their fusion-derived
electricity, so who am I kidding.

(*) I wish I had internet access so I could provide you all with
a link to the sl4 archives for Eliezer's review of the first
Matrix film.

Durant Schoon

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