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Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 08:32:13 MDT


Some of us are:

Ben Goertzel (me)
Kevin Cramer
Samantha Atkins
Peter Voss [his objection is that so much talk about FAI is premature]

That is just a highly biased, overly small sample; the list should have
dozens of people on it, really.

-- Ben Goertzel

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> I'm new to some of you, but this list is not new to me. I've been
> lurking at the archives since the list opened, periodically, and as time
> permits. Much of the interesting discussion here revolves around
> Singularitarian issues, and much of that concerns AI (much of that seed
> AI, Friendly AI, or if I may, Yudkowskian AI).
> I'm most interested in the best *objections* to Yudkowskian AI. So far,
> I've found at the archives only a handful of people who have posted
> objections (their credibility questionable) and I feel certain I'm
> missing something. Hence, this JOIN message, and this question:
> What are the names of the people who have posted intelligent objections
> to Yudkowskian AI, that appear in the archives, that I may go back and
> read?
> Crocker's rules apply.
> Keith

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