From: Keith Elis (
Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 06:25:16 MDT

I'm new to some of you, but this list is not new to me. I've been
lurking at the archives since the list opened, periodically, and as time
permits. Much of the interesting discussion here revolves around
Singularitarian issues, and much of that concerns AI (much of that seed
AI, Friendly AI, or if I may, Yudkowskian AI).

I'm most interested in the best *objections* to Yudkowskian AI. So far,
I've found at the archives only a handful of people who have posted
objections (their credibility questionable) and I feel certain I'm
missing something. Hence, this JOIN message, and this question:

What are the names of the people who have posted intelligent objections
to Yudkowskian AI, that appear in the archives, that I may go back and

Crocker's rules apply.


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