Re: Why are there so few Singulatarians?

From: Zeph Campbell (
Date: Sat May 10 2003 - 17:21:18 MDT

On Saturday, May 10, 2003, at 03:05 PM, wrote:

> Mind you, in doing this, we shouldn't just forget about the AI
> research the Singularity Institute is doing - quite the contrary.
> Instead, we should go full steam ahead with the research with the
> resources we already have - while trying every (legal) effort to get
> public support that the Singularity Institute really does need - very
> badly. That's my opinion - if you disagree with it, then go right
> ahead and ground in into the dirt - I'm not better than anyone else.

I applaud the efforts of the SIAI for wanting to raise the
consciousness of the masses with respect to AI and the Singularity. I
am more or less in agreement with Eliezer in "Future Shock Levels" in
as much as I don't think everyone should have to suddenly come
face-to-face with an almost certain inevitability - indeed it may be
counterproductive to the goals of the SIAI (reactionary responses from
religious groups and various under-educated policy makers). Not too
long from now (a decade or two), I hope that most people will become
familiar and fairly comfortable with the benefits of intelligent
systems and maybe nanotechnology, such that the introduction of Strong,
recursively-enhancing AI will be less a shock. Therefore I believe
it's better to let the course of the world's adaptation to
technological change occur naturally, rather than forcing everyone into
it too quickly.

I understand your enthusiasm at what the Singularity may be able to
accomplish, but I guess the cynic in me sees too many obstacles to go
high-profile so quickly.


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