Why are there so few Singulatarians?

From: Tommeteor@aol.com
Date: Sat May 10 2003 - 16:05:53 MDT

Needless to say, 90% of the people on planet Earth no nothing at all about the Singularity. I'm going to just skip the obvious - more people would be interested in the Singularity than there are Singulatarians. By about a factor of five, at least. If we're going to get the funding and public support the Singularity Institute badly needs, we're going to have to convince the world - or at least large numbers of people - that the Singularity is worthwile. I would bet an awful lot of money that if you got a million people to read Staring into the Singularity, written by our moderator, Eliezer, there'd be about $5,000,000 donated to the Singularity Institute within a month. By "read" I don't just mean skimming over the wonderfully written 23 page document, but actually take some time to read it and understand it. We have to "turn on the lights" with the ordinary citizens of the world by getting them to realize that the Singularity - and with it, a wonderful revolution - is really at our doorstep. Mind you, in doi
ng this, we shouldn't just forget about the AI research the Singularity Institute is doing - quite the contrary. Instead, we should go full steam ahead with the research with the resources we already have - while trying every (legal) effort to get public support that the Singularity Institute really does need - very badly. That's my opinion - if you disagree with it, then go right ahead and ground in into the dirt - I'm not better than anyone else.

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