RE: JOIN: Norm Wilson

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu May 08 2003 - 21:34:28 MDT


In our Novamente project (, we have a programming language
called Sasha, intended for

a) programming schemata (little programs) to be run inside our Novamente AI

b) eventually, perhaps, programming a new version of Novamente

We aren't really focusing on Sasha now because we have other priorities, but
at some point we'll need to make a Sasha interpreter/compiler.

Sasha could be viewed as (to oversimplify a fair bit) a combination of

-- Haskell's mechanisms for typed higher-order functions
-- probabilistic logic programming (probabilistic Prolog, you can think of,
but using Novamente rather than backtracking and resolution theorem-proving
on the back end)
-- loosely Python-esque syntax [indentations rather than nested parentheses]

So it's not much like familiar procedural languages...


> In short, it?s a work in progress. I think it?s progressed to
> the point where it would be useful in a real project. Do you
> have a particular language in mind? Feel free to reply directly
> if this thread is off-topic.
> Norm Wilson

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