RE: Singularity Institute - update

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 13:30:16 MDT

The Novamente book draft is now about 1800 pages long. The first 300 pages
or so review conceptual material, most of which is pertinent to AI in
general, not just Novamente. And it is aimed at a fairly technically-savvy
audience. So I agree, writing something clear and sensible on this topic
for a lay audience would be very difficult. There are a lot of different
threads to weave together...

ben g

> I'm guessing it would take a book on the order of GEB in size to do well.
> At the speed with which I write finished copy, that would take me a couple
> years even if I had the time to devote to it.
> -James Rogers

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