RE: 2002 Achievements (re: Singularity Institute - update)

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 12:09:19 MDT

> Then you need to
> tie up the relevance of the conversation to that point by convincing the
> person of the inevitability of the Singularity. (Here's where my
> questions
> about progress to date are concerned. Most people with money are results-
> oriented people. If "progress" is a few papers were written and a few
> thousand posts were made to a mailing list then the Singularity
> is on equal
> footing with a thousand other "movement".

Here is where I refer people to -- or quote from -- The Spike or The
Singularity Is Near....

This case has already been made by Kurzweil, Vinge, Broderick and others; I
don't think Eliezer or I needs to add onto the general case that the
Singularity is very very likely.... And I think Kurzweil and Broderick have
made the case quite clearly, so that we're not likely to make a clearer
exposition. though of course there are slight differences between different
visions of the Singularity, but these can easily be explained to anyone who
really understands any ONE of the visions.

Regarding AI, again, kurzweil's books are very useful (Age of Spiritual

So, I think there are reasonably good educational materials for bringing
people up to this point.

What is missing is a clear, accessible, practical description of the
particular FAI-focused slant on the Singularity that Eliezer takes (although
Eliezer and I also have our significant differences). This could be written
for the lay reader who has already taken in the concepts in Kurzweil's books
and in The Spike.

-- Ben G

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