RE: Infinite Hells/Infinite Apotheosis' was: Infinite universe

From: Simon Gordon (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 09:07:35 MDT

 --- Lee Corbin wrote:
> > I suggest that in order for these future beings to
> > keep their anthropic empathy they will have to
> target
> > it elsewhere, to those beings that actually
> suffer.
> > And I see the obvious target of this as the
> necessary
> > cusp of suffering implied by the Level IV
> multiverse.
> Why do you say Level IV here? Wouldn't the earlier
> levels suffice? (They're certainly easier for *me*
> to visualize.)

Whether you can visualise it or not is not the issue.
I use the Level IV because it is the only level at
which the logical necessity of everything happening is
implied. The lower levels are susceptible to changes
via a sufficiently advanced ontotechnology;
it is possible to conceive of an advanced technology
(such as Quantum computers combined with time travel
for example) which can distort the very fabric of our
QM multiverse. It is inconceivable however that any
technology can alter the fact that the periodic
2-state gliders in the game of life CA (specified by
its exact set of rules) always comprise of 5 "On"
Cells/Pixels. Thus Level IV is full of immutability
because it contains definite mathematical structures
that cannot be altered or distorted meaning that all
conceivable structures exist at this level including
constructible Hell worlds by order of necessity.


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