Re: 2002 Achievements (re: Singularity Institute - update)

From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 08:57:00 MDT wrote:
> Anyone else other than Ben on this subject even if Ben's response was
> actually one of hopeful progress on a prospective achievement (I appreciate
> that progress toward future achievements is an achievement also)? Were
> their no identifiable achievements in 2002? Lets put the query a different
> way. If a Singularity skeptic were to challenge you to identify measurable
> progress that occurred in 2002 towards a Singularity event what would your
> response be?

"Not all that much progress occurred, measurable or otherwise, that I can
recall offhand. Why would you think I would argue that? I'm a
Singularity activist, not a Singularity skeptic. My job is not to
convince you that there will be a Singularity, but to try and implement
one. To do that I have to measure the amount of existing progress as
accurately as I can, and frankly I recall that 2002 seemed like a pretty
boring year technology-wise."

> Do we have only increases in hardware technology to offer in
> response?

Increases in hardware technology don't count as progress because they make
AI easier without making Friendly AI any easier.

If I'm allowed to cite SIAI work as progress, then "Levels of
Organization" was progress. Other progress happened but it hasn't been
written up and therefore isn't even slightly measurable yet.

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