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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 17:30:57 MDT

I agree that a book on Eliezer's FAI and related ideas would be more useful than a book on rationality. A chapter or two on rationality, with a focus on rationally thinking about AI, FAI and the Singularity, would fit in nicely too.

ben g

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> Instead of the roundabout strategy of writing a book on rationalism,
> how about:
> 1) Writing a book on your AI and FAI ideas?
> 2) Publishing your AI and FAI ideas in AI journals?
> 3) Pursuing a PhD in AI? (which would force you to do #2)
> Any or all of the above would have the advantages of:
> a) Spreading your ideas to other people working in AI. FAI could go
> from a project that you and a few other people are working on to a
> mainstream consideration for AI work. This would seem to reduce the
> overall risk of a non-friendly AI being inadvertently built by some
> other AI research group.
> b) Giving you more direct credibility. Scientific publications,
> technical books, and mainstream credentials all increase your ability
> to raise funds from private sources, acquire funds in the form of
> grants, and convince others of your ideas.
> A book on rationalism seems very low leverage to me. It doesn't
> specifically target people with the skills to work on FAI or people
> with the potential resources and inclination to help fund FAI.
> cheers,
> mez

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