No posts for a while. read this at our leisure (if you do at all) Peace Jonathan B.D. Standley

From: Jonathan Standley (
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 13:00:17 MDT

Somewhere in the Northeast....

This is the last thing I'm posting here until at least 18:00

I have better things to do. A smallish group of friends and I are going to
try to start an informal, *fun* research group. Like meet at a local
community college during an empty time slot, use their projectors, vidcams,
and recorders, whatever.... The specific one I refer to is strong affiliated
with Temple best friend is studying (philosophy???) there, and gets
straight As.

She knows a lot of the PhD's that teach there....

Well do what Douglas Hofstadter did at U of Oregon and U of Indiana
But open to all
And it's going to be the most fun I've ever had.

Hey, if you live around here (where am I?):) Come join us
Anyone can come, even my best friends' identical twins' *Literally*
Even my uncle, bio - maternal full in class 68? Full scholarship
to PSU... Dropped out, married a white trash RN at local [not to me]
(where?) Hospital, she cheats on him with doctor, they marry, only child,
12F deeply intelligent diagnosis to death of acute mayo leukemia, < 1yr,
descent to alcoholism and drug addiction, bankruptcy, jail, jail, dui,
garbage man, *good person* for a Girlfriend, Mental abuse she leaves he
drinks more,

2 yrs ago

He is a fundamentalist apocalyptic
Drinks, (maybe) drugs,
Is coached on phone with his own nephew by minister (Pentecostal?
To tell me unless I embrace Jesus cancer will kill me because his daughter
was a sinner and so am I and I will die, go to hell for eternity for
atrocity of being religiously open-minded (Not Na´ve)

I gave him 2 drunken, ranting hours long distance at my expense

Haven't talked to him since


Posers out! (You can come back later after you chill a bit)
I have no idea what the fuck this 200K .GIF means, could someone give me a
better idea than some vague suspicions I currently have? It would be
greatly appreciated:)

Peace be with you ALL

J Standley

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