RE: Infinite universe

From: Paul Hughes (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2003 - 20:07:53 MDT

--- Simon Gordon <> wrote:
> Can a world which you have just imagined, like an
> abstract fantasy world be measured? No. So by
> following Ben's pragmatic philosophy it isnt real -
> and i am quite happy with that -- so long as you
> dont
> mention the word existance, because im quite
> convinced
> that each imaginable unreal world does in fact have
> its own seperate existance, its existance is just as
> objective and absolute as a pure mathematical
> structure like our universe or the number 3.

Objective? Absolute? Hardly. Please tell me at which
point internal reality ends, and external reality
begins. Quantum indeterminancy rules out any kind of
absolute objective reality.

Paul Hughes

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