Re: Infinite universe

Date: Sat Apr 26 2003 - 18:05:11 MDT

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Ben's Discourse with Simon and Perry-
<<If we literally can *never* affect or be affected by them, as a consequence
of physical law, then the aliens don't exist in the sense of "Peircean
pragmatist existence from our situated perspective", though they do exist in
Simon's sense of "logical possibility implies existence."

If we can use some hypothetical, rational, testable, method to infer the
existence of other universes, then you've got something. Otherwise, we are
just taking art over science. Which comic book universes are more compelling;
Marvel or DC? Which characters display more pathos, the Justice League, or
X-Men? Better yet, is the ability to travel to other frameworks of space-time
(universes) and visit the neighbors, a manifestation of the lack of others
with this universe?

However, visiting the neighbors, as I term it, is only desirable, if there
are no others to chitchat with. If the world was infinite, we would seek no
others in the skies (human mythology) if the universe was infinite, we would
seek no others in other universes.

It makes as much sense to focus on other universes, then it is to seek other
civilizations with an electon or quark. Hey, I like David Deutsch too, but
unless he can suggest a contraption that handshakes with other cosmii, it all
becomes rather pendantic, yes?

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