RE: Infinite universe

From: Simon Gordon (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2003 - 16:47:15 MDT

 --- Ben Goertzel <> wrote: >
> > Not only am i saying that other universes exist as
> > abstractions; i am also saying that our universe
> > belongs to this set of abstractions - in terms of
> > existance our universe is equal in status to the
> other
> > universes
> Sure, but you achieve this nice-sounding conclusion
> only by adopting a
> fairly weak definition of the word "existence" !!!
> -- Ben G

Would you rather try to have us measure every single
thing which exists ??!!

As i said in a previous mailing, "existance" should be
used in the broadest possible sense so that it is
all-inclusive. This means that nonexistance is only
that which is inconceivably undefinable or otherwise
something that a logical mind cannot possibly
entertain such as a logical paradox; anything which
isnt like this is a logically consistent system which
is why we would want all logically consistent systems
to exist.

I think it is a nice definition overall.


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