Re: Infinite universes

From: Simon Gordon (
Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 10:27:57 MDT

 "Mike Williams" <> writes:
> If it were possible for our universe to interact
> with the other universes,
> then it would have already happened. Since it
> would be possible that one of
> the universes would have the desire and ability to
> consume the others, that
> would have already happened. Since we're still
> here, the entire discussion
> of infinite universes is moot.

But those universes which can consume all other
universes could also be consumed by a higher order set
of universes delibrately designed to consume the
consuming universes before they had a chance to do
their consuming.

Ultimately universes dont interact in this way. A
universe is a self-contained entity by definition.
Universes also have the property of necessary
existance i.e. they cannot just disappear. So no there
is no consuming or counter-consuming going on behind
the scenes.

Simon G.

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