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Date: Mon Apr 21 2003 - 17:34:29 MDT

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> but finitesimal (nonzero, "finite") probability that
> a civilization will
> be able to survive for that length of time due to
> thermal fluctuations.
> The longer the time, the smaller the probability;
> but if there are
> infinitely many civilizations, then infinitely many
> of them will be alive
> at any time, even though almost all will have died
> out. In that sense,
> the universe lives forever, fuelled by extreme
> improbability.

Thanks for the clarity.

Of course when we move to Level 2's eternal chaotic
inflation, we end up with an infinite number of
multiverses identical to our level 1. So although our
specific level 1 multiverse may experience heat death,
entropic and proton decay, there are, were and will be
an infinite number of other identical copies (not to
mention an infinite number of non-identical ones - of
our level 1 multiverse being played out all over again
forever at Level 2.

Therefore, there will be an infinite number of you's
and me's who will survive to the end of our level 1
multiverse, and perhaps endlessly further beyond that
- Linde Scenario, basement universes, figuring out how
to travel in level's 2,3 and 4, etc.

Next question, Tegmark talks about the inflationary
space at level 2 that is eternally, chaotically
stretching, which in turn gives rise to symmetry
breaking into a variety of various dimensionalities.
So the question is, what is the number of dimensions
of this inflationary space? Is it infinite Hilbert


Paul Hughes

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