Re: Infinite Size of Level 1 Multiverse?

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Date: Sun Apr 20 2003 - 10:28:04 MDT

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Subject: Infinite Size of Level 1 Multiverse?

> I think a more intersting question that is not
> answered in Max Tegmark's amazing Sci Am piece, is how
> an infinitely large Level 1 multiverse came into
> existence in a FINITE period of time. He talks about
> the big bang occuring just 14 billion years ago, while
> saying that the present multiverse is infinite in
> size. Am I missing something, or is he saying that
> the SPEED of inflation is infinite therefor you can
> get an infintely sized universe in an arbitrarily
> finite period of time?? What am I missing??
### The vacuum transition transforming high-energy true vacuum (the so
called "singularity") into our form of spacetime passed through and inflated
our neighborhood (or caused its existence)13.7 billion years ago (this is
the finite part, as shown by light which didn't exist in the true vacuum
having traveled 13.7 billion light-years in our neighborhood), but there is
no reason to believe that the vacuum transition actually started at that
time, or indeed, that it ever started. It has been passing through infinite
true vacuum forever, producing an infinity of Earths, with still an infinity
to go.

Or so I read the scrolls.


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