Re: Friendliness [was Re: Collapsarity]

Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 09:46:30 MST

As one friendly human to another, if I was to "help" you without solicitation,
it could be interpreted either as some sort of hostile takeover action,
invasion of privacy, etc. Even if I just provided assistance, without the right
balance of help versus assistance, the assistees opinion could swing either
way. I assume that one of the goals of intelligence in Friendliness is to
understand that balancing act and know when to take over, assist, or leave
alone another being's actions for them to become overall happy or happier.

It all still comes down to pleasure/pain model. Humans (and generally all
sentients) want to increase pleasure and decrease pain. The actions we take to
achieve this is reflected by our level of intelligence. Most, if not all,
people only have intelligence in a limited range of problem domains. An AGI is
designed to be generally intelligent across all problem domains. A Friendly AGI
should understand the pleasure/pain model of human existence and be able to act
accordingly, hence the friendly part.


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