Re: Has the Singularity already happened?

From: Dani Eder (
Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 12:37:59 MST

> OK, what is the measurement unit of the "Change"? :)
> I refereed to the "change" in Danis posting
> (therefore the
> quoting). He used "change" in some "Things are not
> that
> they used to be" sense. I don't think it makes much
> sense
> to put numbers before such an unspecified subjective
> concept.

OK, here's a quantifiable definition:

Change = (% of time spent doing things that are
different from today) + (% of things you interact
with that are different from today)/2

So for example, if I didn't have to work a day
job because automation made that possible, that
would account for 25% change in my time (hours in
a week) as long as I still eat, sleep, & use
bathrooms about as much as I do now.

Of the things I interact with, on my person the
changes I detect over the past 20 years are more
plastic cards in my wallet, a digital rather than
analog watch, rubber rather than leather soles
in my shoes, and polycarbonate lenses in my glasses
rather than glass. These are fairly small
changes, but we can quantify the changes as
(fraction change in material or function) for
each item we interact with x interaction time.


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