Re: request an argument

Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 01:08:45 MST

> Of course not. That's the *point*. Technological progress can't
> continue forever at its current snails pace; not with every new
> technology helping to create the next one.

He was insinuating that technological progress could stagnate at the same
rate for an undetermined period of time, I think sharing with him some
technological aims
(gun tootin') transhumanist are shooting for might redirect his irrational
belief into something hopefully more like pragmatic optimism.


> As a moderate libertarian and a non-moderate singularitarian, I have to
> say that the "who gets laid" is skewed rather the other way.

ah I'm glad to hear that. there goes one of my prejudice :-)
maybe one of the essay I'm working on will be of interest here then: it's
on the importance of jouissance (joy/sense) in the development of an ethic
of multiplicity. Our body precedes our thoughts so it's wisdom should be put
to contribution to a safe singularity: elevating sensuality and erotism as
an artform for a finer understanding of the subtilities of "limits" in
communications. So basically I'm re-writing foucault using evol. psy :-)


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