RE: Scientific pessimism

From: mike99 (
Date: Tue Feb 25 2003 - 12:53:02 MST

I've always found Horgan to be to a small degree interesting and to a large
degree annoying. Nevertheless, I sat in a bookstore for about an hour last
Saturday skimming through the more interesting portions of his latest book,
_Rational Mysticism_. Basically, Horgan is an agnostic who has had some
mildly paranormal experiences and **wishes** that he could find someone to
explain how science and spirituality can be united.

The value of his latest book, IMO, lies in his interviews with Susan
Blackmore, Michael Persinger and Stephen Batchelor. Those are the choice
parts. The rest of the book was definitely "fly over country" full of Horgan
asking himself questions that he can't answer.

To read some excerpts from his books and more:

Michael LaTorra

Extropy Institute:
World Transhumanist Association:
Alcor Life Extension Foundation:
Society for Technical Communication:

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