Re: Games, competition and FSI education.

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 16:40:55 MST

Gordon Worley wrote:
> Deception is lying, one of the last things we want a seed AI to start
> doing. If it's capable of lying, we're in trouble and need to shut
> the AI down, if that's still possible. Any games a Friendly seed AI
> plays must be non competitive and, more so, have no room for immoral
> techniques. The only game an AI can play is the be-moral game (and
> its subgames, like the make-everybody-happy game), and even then we
> must be careful not to expose it to deception being employed by other
> players and pieces. If you think about it more you'll see the only
> kind of game a Friendly seed AI can safely play isn't much of a game
> in human terms, but is still recognizable as a game.
> I think an adult FAI will be able to fully handle being exposed to
> people who lie without fear that it will start lying itself. Until
> such time, demonstrating the effectiveness of lying could be deadly.

I mostly agree with your opinions here. Our opinions seem to differ on
how we would define a Friendly seed AI vs. a more 'adult' version.

I consider the development of a seed AI to be a continuous process. The
developmental point at which we would want to introduce the concept of
'competition' should be carefully chosen. Same thing for 'deception'.
My argument is, that these concepts are so basic, and such an intrinsic
part of human society and language, that they their introduction should
not be left to chance, but rather be properly encapsulated within a
larger context.

We are attempting to create a generally intelligent mind, one that can
understand all the possible options, and *want* to choose Friendly ones.
To provide a flawed education to such a being, one that omits the nasty
bits about humans, would IMO be a huge mistake. It would leave the
growing mind with a skewed view of humans and human society, one that
almost certainly would lead to poor decision-making in the real world.
Friendliness is about dealing with the issues head-on, and taking
friendly actions/decisions... not hiding
important/pertinent/uncomfortable knowledge out of fear.

Michael Roy Ames

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