RE: Games, competition and FSI education.

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 15:31:01 MST

Hmmm. I think I partly disagree....

While I don't think we should explicitly shield a baby AGI from the
existence of competition, I think that its early education should explicitly
focus on cooperation rather than competition.

It's not that I think competition is intrinsically bad, but emphasizing
cooperation over competition seems to me to be "erring on the side of

Of course, a baby AGI must also be taught about competition. But all in
all, I'd be happier seeing it play SimAnt than Doom... ;-)

Michael, I read your post carefully but I'm not sure if you disagree with my
perspective or not. I am not suggesting shielding the AGI from anything,
but I'm also suggesting avoiding explicitly training it to be a "winner" in

This is in line with my (non-innovative) general idea that most AGI morality
is going to come about through experiential learning/teaching rather than

-- Ben G

> We should not avoid exposing an FSI to competitive ideas in an attempt
> to somehow channel the intellect into cooperative-only pathways. Why
> not? Firstly, it would not work. Even the most cursory examination of
> human knowledge would reveal competition at every point. Even the most
> casual conversation with a normal human being will lead an FSI to
> formulate the ideas of competitiveness and opposing
> ideas/groups/opinions.
> Michael Roy Ames

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