From: Thomas R Mazanec (tmazanec1@juno.com)
Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 - 11:47:31 MST

I am your newest member, Tom Mazanec http://tmazanec1.xepher.net
I am roughly at SL3, although I have some characteristics of SL2 and even
Of course, even technophiles sometimes like to putter in the garden,
so this is not unusual.
I also have some quibbles about the order of some of the developments
given in the Future Shock Levels...for example, I think nanotechnology
is less upsetting and closer in time than most of the SL2 features
(of course, that might just be me).
I skimmed the archives, but maybe this topic was covered and I missed it.
What is your gut feeling about when the Singularity will occur?
Just roughly, of course
(I actually saw a prediction of December 21, 2012).

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