RE: Multiple Future Bens

Date: Thu Dec 26 2002 - 21:03:02 MST

imustleepnow wrote:
>I assumed that only the
> first ben is a continuation of you.

Hmmm. i did not assume this. I assumed they're all continuations of me, although some
will change more severely from their initial state than others.

> I think what solves this identity problem in my mind
> is the bandwidth of the communication links between
> identities. As the communication gets improved, then
> at some point the experience is basically first hand.
> Of course to fully experience multiple versions of
> myself simultaneously, then I would have to have
> increased capability beyond what it would take to make
> my enhanced clone what I originally defined it to be.
> And I am assuming that each self would also want the
> simultaneous experiences of each of the others so all
> selves would need increased capacity. (Not a problem ,
> just an observation.)

Having a high-bandwidth, continual tap into the mind of Ben4 or Ben5, would destroy the
integrity of Ben1's human experience.... Ben1, if he chose to remain Ben1, would have to
shun this kind of constant contact...

Ben G

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