RE: Multiple Future Bens

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Tue Dec 24 2002 - 08:47:54 MST

MRA wrote:
> So perhaps a single improved version constitutes the only
> realistically foreseeable plan for an individual. As soon as my
> intelligence is significantly enhanced, I will be dumping all my old
> 'versioning' plan and reformulating a new one using my improved
> capabilities. Won't you?
> Michael Roy Ames

I basically agree with you.

In part, the "5 Bens" thought-experiment is an answer to people who view
there as being a *dichotomy* between

* the quest for infinite intelligence and total transcendence of the human
* respect, admiration and love for the human domain, as expressed by a
desire for its continuance and gradual enhancement

The "5 Bens" scenario is one in which both of these are fulfilled without

Obvious to most folks on this list, but not to most people in the world...

So the answer to "Won't you miss your human body, feelings, etc." is --
"Some me's may, some me's may not, and the me's that do could possibly merge
back with some of the me's that still have a human body..."

Of course, though -- and as Eliezer also pointed out in his reply -- all of
this is basically just amusing science-fictional concept-exploration. The
actual landscape of possibilities as it will unfold for us is unknown. The
actual course Ben will take, assuming he lives to see the Singularity, will
depend on the timing of the advent of various future technologies, which we
can't possibly foresee now.

-- Ben G

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