RE: Multiple Future Bens

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Dec 23 2002 - 20:06:54 MST

Mark Waser wrote:
> I want to explore new things; create new possibilities; and help others to
> do the same. All the listed possibilities sounded great but I assume that
> there are many, many more that are much more awesome that we're too
> conditioned by our present circumstances to see. We should stop
> contemplating our navels and worrying excessively and straighten ourselves
> out so that we can move forward. This isn't to say that extreme caution
> isn't a good idea, but it seems that we have created almost insoluble
> problems by anthropomorphizing everything and we have allowed that to stop
> us from making any progress. Lets start making baby steps and
> assuming that
> the vision will open up as we move forward.


Actually, very few folks on this list or in the world at large are
contemplating their navels, literally or figuratively!!

Most humans seem very much engaged with their material lives, rather than
seeking spiritual escape via navel-contemplation or its analogues.

And many of us on this list are specifically engaged with "pushing forward"
toward the Singularity... including Eliezer, Peter Voss, James Rogers,
myself, and a looooong list of others...

-- Ben Goertzel

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