shameless plug: THE JUDAS MANDALA now available

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Mon Dec 23 2002 - 10:36:30 MST

I'm pleased to announce that Fictionwise have now put up my novel about VR,
uploads, time travel, the Omega Point and all that jazz, written in the
mid-'70s, at

Here's their blurb:


The classic that coined 'Virtual Reality'! Maggie Roche is an unemployed
poet and single mother in 2009. Before the day's done, she is spied on by a
robotic rat, physically attacked, drugged into panic and rapture, seduced,
drawn into conspiracy, then flung four thousand years into her own future.
In the alien world of the Upload Lifeform Lords, who are human-machine
hybrids of overwhelming power, she learns that she is the first true time
traveler in history, hunted by friend and foe. More than her own survival is
at stake--the entire future of the cosmos will be reset by these terrifying
events. Damien Broderick's classic science fiction novel of time travel to
the end of the universe has long been out of print in the USA. First written
in the mid-1970s and published in 1982, The Judas Mandala introduced the
terms 'virtual reality' and 'virtual matrix', and anticipated both Frank
Tipler's influential Omega Point Theory and the cyberpunk fiction of William
Gibson. This revised edition retains these startlingly creative elements,
while bringing the novel firmly into the 21st century ... but not
necessarily our 21st century. Broderick adds a new Afterword, written
specially for this Fictionwise edition, that describes the hilarious
publishing history of this ground-breaking novel and includes the full text
of an omitted chapter.


That last phrase is a teeny bit misleading: the chapter was omitted from the
*first* edition, it's omitted from the main text of *this* edition.

Damien Broderick

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