RE: Multiple Future Bens

From: Rafal Smigrodzki (
Date: Mon Dec 23 2002 - 10:21:29 MST

Ben wrote:

> But my volitional system seems to be different from yours. I have a
> strong aesthetic component, which doesn't want to let go entirely of
> the beauty of the flawed human form. Thus the desire to keep
> Ben1-Ben3 around.

### It's quite likely that my spawn will keep an unmodified copy (perhaps
even the object spatiotemporally continuous with my present incarnation), as
a sentient memento, to enjoy my dreams come true - a never-ending existence
on a craggy island, greatly resembling a Japanese garden, in a replica of
Shokin-tei rendered in rough titanium, white marble and laminated aerogel,
with an unlimited supply of totally non-fattening Hershey's chocolate,
amazing computer games, exhilarating science news and curvaceous household
> Or to put it more simply: Although I want to be vastly more than I
> am, also like being me pretty well ;-)
> And post-Singularity, perhaps you really *can* have your cake and eat
> it too, in more ways than one...
### Lots of cakes.


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