Re: Microsoft Creating Virtual Brain

From: Jonathan Standley (
Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 12:00:34 MST

> I bet most of us are more than slightly aware of Microsoft FUD.
> I have seen MS make so many considerably less ambitious claims
> over the years that were really nothing but hot air on
> investigation. I will believe it when I see it from this outfit.
> This particular projects is a partial rehash of David
> Gelernter's LifeStream concept that was published many years ago.
> - samantha

I fail to see the FUD in this. It's just a nifty idea that one of
microsoft's research arms are exploring, thats all. They haven't claimed
that this will ever even be on the market. Most large tech companies
support research that has no immediate ROI...

You take a bunch of bright, creative people and give them a budget,
eventually something useful will come of it

LifeStream was a neat idea, I'm glad someone's trying to implement some of
it's proposals

J Standley

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