Will FAI need simulated empathy to avoid sociopathic tendencies?

From: Gary Miller (garymiller@starband.net)
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 15:40:35 MST

I have always read that sociopaths lack any empathy and therefore feel
nothing for their victims.
An interesting question then arises: If an entity is not capable of
feeling empathy
(which implies having similar emotions) will sociopathic tendencies
result or must
trauma and abuse to the entity occur first to teach it the tendency for
sociopathic acts.
In other words do we have healthy individuals in our society today who
feel no empathy
and yet fit our definition of a normal functional member of society?
If not then perhaps simulated emotions and emotional priorities may play
a much greater role
that I had before considered in shaping an FAI personality.

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