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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 17:39:37 MST

Creating a good Singularity-themed movie is obviously an excellent project.
It's a lot more time-consuming and difficult, and a lot less likely to
succeed, than making a Website, however. I wish you the best of luck ;)
That however is DEFINITELY a project I don't have time for!!

I do have half a Singularity novel on my hard drive; one day I'll finish it
and publish it, and then perhaps eventually someone will cinematize it for
me ;)


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> Ben wrote:
> > What I want is a site that is simple, visual, direct, and makes
> the point
> > that the Singularity is coming in a way that any educated person can
> > understand within 10-15 minutes of surfing.
> Yes, that's a great idea, but......
> > The goal of the site I propose is simple: I want to get media
> type people
> > interested in the Singularity.
> But, as I pointed out earlier, this is not possible if the target audience
> (including media people) has never heard the word "Singularity" before. In
> order for the website to work, there needs to be a way of making people
> aware that the website or the concept exists, and, more importantly, a way
> of making it desirable for the audience to seek the information. Those two
> things are necessarily required before the audience may even entertain the
> idea of visiting the website. The desire to learn about
> Singularity will not
> appear out of nothing. We need to tell the people that the message exists
> before they can start searching for it, and unlike with TV, internet
> involves putting effort into the search which can't materialize by itself
> without the public's already existing desire or will to find the answers.
> It's a "chicken-egg" thing, except we have the ability to jumpstart this
> process, not the public.
> > Why get media type people interested in the Singularity?
> >
> > Because, for one thing, I suspect that will attract some good
> PR people to
> > do PR for the Singularity for the benefit of their own careers,
> without us
> > having to pay them for it...
> Yes, the key word is "attract" here. The website is a finished
> product, and
> the ultimate success is when a person actually visits the site which might
> be analogous to "buying" the product in store. Of course, it is
> later up to
> the consumer to decide whether he/she likes the product, but as everybody
> knows, nobody will buy the product, unless he/she knows that the product
> exists and he/she wants to buy it. That's why advertising industry exists.
> In this case, one needs to figure out what the equivalent of a commercial
> for Singularity or a Singularity website (which is the end product) might
> be. A Matrix-type movie, but focused on Singularity, and without the usual
> SF nonsense, would be perfect for this.
> > About Internet versus print media and TV, there are many cases in recent
> > history of something springing from the Net into traditional media.
> Consider the amount of TV-inspired content that finds its way on the
> internet, for example, and how much internet-exclusive content makes it to
> the other media. Internet's impact on the collective conscience of society
> is almost nonexistent.
> In light of all this, I think I'm going to work on my movie script :).
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