Re: Singularity PR: Idea for a Website

From: Slawomir Paliwoda (
Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 12:20:17 MST

Ben wrote:
> What I want is a site that is simple, visual, direct, and makes the point
> that the Singularity is coming in a way that any educated person can
> understand within 10-15 minutes of surfing.

Yes, that's a great idea, but......

> The goal of the site I propose is simple: I want to get media type people
> interested in the Singularity.

But, as I pointed out earlier, this is not possible if the target audience
(including media people) has never heard the word "Singularity" before. In
order for the website to work, there needs to be a way of making people
aware that the website or the concept exists, and, more importantly, a way
of making it desirable for the audience to seek the information. Those two
things are necessarily required before the audience may even entertain the
idea of visiting the website. The desire to learn about Singularity will not
appear out of nothing. We need to tell the people that the message exists
before they can start searching for it, and unlike with TV, internet
involves putting effort into the search which can't materialize by itself
without the public's already existing desire or will to find the answers.
It's a "chicken-egg" thing, except we have the ability to jumpstart this
process, not the public.

> Why get media type people interested in the Singularity?
> Because, for one thing, I suspect that will attract some good PR people to
> do PR for the Singularity for the benefit of their own careers, without us
> having to pay them for it...

Yes, the key word is "attract" here. The website is a finished product, and
the ultimate success is when a person actually visits the site which might
be analogous to "buying" the product in store. Of course, it is later up to
the consumer to decide whether he/she likes the product, but as everybody
knows, nobody will buy the product, unless he/she knows that the product
exists and he/she wants to buy it. That's why advertising industry exists.
In this case, one needs to figure out what the equivalent of a commercial
for Singularity or a Singularity website (which is the end product) might
be. A Matrix-type movie, but focused on Singularity, and without the usual
SF nonsense, would be perfect for this.

> About Internet versus print media and TV, there are many cases in recent
> history of something springing from the Net into traditional media.

Consider the amount of TV-inspired content that finds its way on the
internet, for example, and how much internet-exclusive content makes it to
the other media. Internet's impact on the collective conscience of society
is almost nonexistent.

In light of all this, I think I'm going to work on my movie script :).
Slawomir Paliwoda

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