RE: Singularity PR: Idea for a Website

From: Reason (
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 22:29:43 MST

> Thinking a little more about our earlier discussion of "Singularity PR", I
> came up with the following idea for a website designed to get some of the
> Singularity message across.
> The "conceptual Website" design I thought of isn't really *that*
> complicated, but it seemed slightly too much for an e-mail, so I
> wrote it in
> a brief document and uploaded it; you can read it at:
> I don't have time to create such a site myself, but I do think it
> would be a
> *good thing* if it existed.
> If anyone should feel like taking on this project or a similar
> one, I'll be
> happy to provide ongoing feedback, and to play a role in recruiting people
> to be volunteer topic-specific site-updaters...
> Comments of any sort are welcome of course (why else would I be
> posting this
> idea here? ;)

Nice idea. I think that would be a good thing to
have out there, and I'd be happy to volunteer a little web dev time at some
point to such a project.

Unless some people have written good stuff in the past few years, building
custom graphs on the fly is a horribly expensive development project (in
comparison to the rest of it), just FYI.


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