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The military and the gaming industry (and the military gaming industry) are
ripe for something that commoditizes AI in the game sense. By this I mean
customizable, highly abstracted decision making and knowledge
representation/processing tools. Everything is roll-your-own, which is an
insane state of affairs if you stop to look at it. Let's take the gaming
industry: as much effort goes into AI (human simulation, essentially) in
your average game as goes into the 3D engine. 3D engines are commoditized,
going for $50k -> $300k per game license. The space is competitive. Why are
people still building their own AI (human simulation) code from scratch each
time? It's certainly not anything to do with complexity or level of
customization required...

If you look at DARPA, Air Force and other military SBIR stuff in the current
cycles, you'll see a lot of AI (human simulation) projects.

My next company -- as and when I ever find the time or money -- will
concentrate on this field. But anyone out there with the toolset to tackle
it would be foolish not to at least give it a look. It's a huge growth
industry, and the Chinese math is pretty impressive any way you dice it:
someone else will be certainly be doing this within the next couple of years
even if I fall under a bus.


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I'm interested in any and all potential early applications for AGI - both to
evaluate the performance of our a2i2 system, and for possible

Any ideas?


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> I think the Novamente approach -- more narrowly focused commercial
> efforts -- are a very good approach to funding currently. I do have
> a long-simmering but vague-in-details idea for some AI tech that
> Novamente at its current stage may or may not be suited to, which
> if implemented as a software package could be quite popular.
> --
> Cliff

Well, feel free to voice the details, either on the list or via private
e-mail, ;)


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