RE: continuity of self [ was META: Sept. 11 and Singularity]

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 08:09:38 MDT

> On Thu, 12 September 2002, "Ben Goertzel" wrote:
> > Of course, if the continuity doesn't happen, it's no tragedy.
> The continuity is an illusion. Every mental or memory environment
> I see, I interpret as it happened to me.

I believe I know what you're saying, but I find myself unsatisfied with the
word "illusion" in this context..

There are a lot of "illusions" going on here...

For example, the "psychosocial self" at the center of our mind is an
illusion, in the sense that most of what we directly attribute to it, is not
in truth directly attributable to it...

As I have stated before, I believe this psychosocial self will largely "melt
away" post-uploading or
(the latter being possible even without uploading)...

But will some imprint of identity remain, some kind of "emergent signature"
in the self-organizing mind seeded by a given human mind?

A question for post-Singularity psychodynamical systems theory, perhaps ;)

-- Ben G

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