RE: anonymous collaborative filtering

From: mike99 (
Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 16:32:42 MDT

From: Simon McClenahan
> IIRC, WebMind had an application that parsed the stock message boards to
> determine the general consensus on whether people thought a stock
> was a good
> buy or sell. A system that can detect arbitrary ideas from many human
> sources seems to me like a general pattern recognition problem
> rather than a
> specific pattern recognition such as "buy" or "sell".
> cheers,
> Simon

Could WebMind identify when stocks were being puffed up by multiple messages
from dummy accounts being used by single individuals trying to "pump then
dump" a stock? Some teenagers were caught doing this and, because of their
age, actually got away with keeping some of their ill-gotten gains and
without doing any jail time.

Michael LaTorra

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