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Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 11:02:21 MDT

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> Eliezer, I applaud your work at SIAI, but I think you may be unaware of
> just how much you insert your own World View into a lot of what you
> IMHO...

That Eliezer 'inserts' his own worldview into his writing is certainly true.
That he is unaware of it is certainly not true. We all tend to speak from
our individuals world views, by default. I think that this *can* be a very
good thing. It makes communications a little more efficient. Rather than
having to explain 'where you are coming from' before every exposition, one
can assume your readers know your world view in advance... it saves a lot of
words/explaining. However, sometimes it will cause misunderstanding and
confusion because the reader does not know about the writer's world view, or
about the fact that is it assumed the reader needs-to-know the writer's
world view in order to correctly interpret the writings. The choice of how
to optimize the split between efficient communication and universal
understandibility is a largely personal, so not everyone agrees where it
should be.

By the way: Thanks for your intro, and welcome to SL4.

Michael Roy Ames

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