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Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 12:34:54 MDT

Good afternoon, everyone:

I've been "lurking" for a couple of weeks now, so I wanted
to post a short "Intro" here, and then perhaps a contribution
from time to time...

I am not a Scientist, Mathematician, or Pharmacist. I am
a Network Engineer / IT Manager type, as well as an amateur
Philosopher (minor in college). I have a Master's in
Information Systems management, and I am generally extremely
enthusiastic about Technology.

I discovered this whole talk about "The Singularity" approximately
a month ago, and my thoughts on Technology have been taken,
of course, to a profoundly higher level.

Just so you know, I'm reading everything I can get my hands on.
I'm reading a book on Nanotechnology, a book called "Our Molecular
Future", and others; I've also read a lot of material you people
yourselves have put out -- Ben, Gordon, Eliezer, others -- and
I've been to many, many related Web sites.

I will come at this whole thing from more of a Philosophical angle:
I am a sincere and educated Christian, a "techie", and someone who
sees the metaphysical implications of things. If you are willing to
be *open-minded* about input from a Non-scientific type (I respect
those who are), I'd be glad to contribute. Otherwise, if you don't
mind, I'll continue to read the posts....

Ben, I think I appreciate your approach most of all: You seem fair,
open-minded, and a good writer. Same goes for you, Gordon... Kurzweil
is an old hero of mine, since I am also a keyboard player (his name
is on some of the finest digital music instruments I've ever played)...
Eliezer, I applaud your work at SIAI, but I think you may be unaware of
just how much you insert your own World View into a lot of what you write...

Many Thanks.


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