Re: Hardware Progress: $272/GFlop/s

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 18:13:21 MDT

Ben Goertzel wrote:
>>>I track $/Gflop because it directly relates to the
>>>primary subject of this list - the development of
>>>computer-based AI as a path to the Singularity.
>>I tend to think it is correct to evaluate things that way.
>>Although so far there is no clear arithmetical link between
>>processor speed
>>and AI "efficiency".
> There has been disappointingly little progress toward Artificial General
> Intelligence, in spite of the increases in processor speed and other
> important parameters of computer hardware. I believe this is because AGI
> requires some real conceptual innovations just to seriously get started, and
> that once these conceptual innovations are embodied in running code for the
> first time, THEN we will see a direct correlation btw AGI effectiveness and
> processor speed.

I believe it is also because there has been disappointingly
little progress in Software generally. In several areas such as
programming languages, Human-Machine Interface (GUI and such),
Software Engineering tools and development environments I think
we have actually regressed in places. We certainly have come
no where near advancing in capability to matched advances in
hardware capability.

- samantha

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