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Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 13:41:05 MDT

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> >From: Dani Eder <>
this is my first post in this very interesting list.
I'm from Italy so if my english is funny or annoying is not my fault; and I
hope you excuse my too long statements. :-)

> >The other variable I am starting to track -
> >manufacturing productivity - relates to another path
> >to the Singualrity. Labor input per unit of
> >factory production seems to be on a near-linear
> >downward trend. At the projected zero point (~2025
> >AD)
I was not aware of this trend. This is very interesting.

> >you would have fully automated factories capable
> >of producing anything with no human labor, including
> >copies of themselves.
> So it goes from a power of two increase for processor performance. (i'm
> really rusty in math : doubling in speed every year or so, is it
> growth ?)
> to linear increase for factory production.

> Also i was thinking of things like phone bills, how come they don't drop
> half every year or so ? (for internet it could be true).

Probably because there is a continual upgrades of the infrastructures.
So the bill is costant but you receive more.
Like PCs, the reduction of the price we pay is counterbalanced with the cost
of continual improvement of the performances.

Also, the non-zero-friction competition (market domination) is a component.


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