Re: Anyone going to Worldcon?

Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 08:25:01 MDT

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:

> I won't be making it to Worldcon this year. However, since this year's
> Worldcon (a) is in San Jose and (b) has Vernor Vinge as guest of honor, it
> just occurred to me - far too late and at the last minute - that I should
> check to see whether anyone would be willing to print up a few hundred
> Singularity Institute flyers (I'll supply the document) and distribute
> them around Worldcon, especially in any rooms where Vinge is giving
> So, is anyone going to Worldcon who would be willing to do this?

I am willing to go to Worldcon to do this for SIAI. I live near Monterey,
about an hour from the convention.

> really like to see it happen. If your printer can't handle a few hundred
> double-sided flyers I'd be willing to pay printing costs at the local
> Kinkos or whatever. (Probably SIAI would be willing to pay, but I don't
> want to wait to check with the rest of the Board before sending this out,
> and I'll do it myself if necessary.)

I'll cover the cost. I've been looking for more ways to help out. :)

Months ago I saw that the admission was absurdly expensive, and being not
all that clear what to expect from the show I wrote it off. But, what the
heck. This will give me a good excuse to go. I'll try for Saturday.

I am an SF fan of course, but I wonder what the real appeal of the
convention is, and for you especially? Could you give me some tips to
maximize my experience?

Also, would anyone else like to help hand out flyers? I'll bring 'em. :)

Jason Joachim

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