RE: Metarationality (was: JOIN: Alden Streeter)

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Aug 24 2002 - 19:17:54 MDT

G Worley wrote:
> It seems to me that someone has to tell you that there is something else
> out there. Only rarely in history is there a lone genius who figures
> this stuff out on this own and tries to tell other people (Guatama
> Siddhartha, Jesus); most people (me and Eliezer included) figured out
> that there was something more than human thought from other people
> giving us ideas that there was.

Of course, you realize that Buddhism teaches the *cessation of thought*, not
logical/rational thought.... "Right thinking" may be taught, but only as a
pathway toward non-thinking.... I don't know that Buddhism is fairly
described as a doctrine teaching "there is something more than human
thought." something *less* perhaps ;-)

> Even when you tell most people, they
> don't believe you. You have to show them rationality, give them a taste
> of it. Once they see it, they'll accept it and work towards it (unless
> they are silly and just reject it anyway).

Hey, it's not the first time I've been called silly.

You should hear me sing Frank Sinatra ;-D


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