RE: Re[2]: Educating an AI.

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 22:14:55 MDT

> As an aside, most of my thinking on AI and how to get there has been
> heavily influenced by (in approximate order of significance) Douglas
> Hofstadter, Gregory Bateson, chaos theory, and (more as background
> 'flavor') things like On Growth and Form. I was wondering if others
> have further sources in that vein/those veins, or know of others
> working towards AI on such principles.
> --
> Cliff

Interestingly, all of the sources you mention were major inspirations to me
as well.

I will thus suggest some things that seem to me to have the same flavor...

Do you know the work of the modern European systems theorists?

Francisco Varela, "Principles of Biological Autonomy"

Vilmos Csanyi, "Evolutionary ??" [forgot the title]

George Kampis, "Self-Modifying Systems in Biology and Cognitive Science"

Robert Rosen, "Life Itself"

My own ancient books "The Evolving Mind", "Chaotic Logic" and "From
Complexity to Creativity" are very much in the same sort of vein, as well...

Do you know Edelman's Neural Darwinism, which is moderately Bateson-ish in
its focus on evolution as a model for learning. Israel Rosenfield had a
nice Edelman-inspired book, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten

Ever read the book "Fire on the Brain"? [or could it be "in" the brain?] I
forget the author. A lot of deep musings and funny anecdotes about brain &
mind, by a neuroscientist...

I note that I don't personally agree with all these theorists, I just found
them interesting, and in a similar conceptual vein to the things you

-- Ben Goertzel

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