Re: Educating an AI.

From: Dani Eder (
Date: Tue Jul 23 2002 - 16:55:46 MDT

> > I think not many people appreciate the difficulty
> of gathering the
> > information necessary to get an AI to beyond human
> intelligence. I've
> > heard some say just hook it up to the internet and
> others claim give it
> > a lot of books to read.

The number of books I've read in my entire lifetime
is around 4,000, and I'm a fairly active reader.
If you add 20 years worth of being online, it
might be the equivalent of 10,000 books worth total.
That isn't all that much content. Allowing for
illustrations, we're talking about 100 Gbytes or

The thing is, my total sensory input stream, from
sight, sound, touch, etc. ran for 5 years (10^8
seconds) at something like 10^8 bits/sec, or about
1,000 Tbytes, before I even started to learn how
to read. So I don't think the problem for any
nascent AI is providing enough reading material.
I think the problem will be getting the AI to
the point where it can start to read in the first


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