Re: Educating an AI.

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 13:20:25 MDT

Helge Kautz wrote:
> On 09.07.2002 18:57 Uhr, "Samantha Atkins" <> wrote:
>>Do you believe that our budding AI would respect our stupid
>>fences around parts of our knowledge? I very seriously doubt
>>that it would. For that matter, many of us don't find them
>>respectable even if we don't circumvent them. Our young AI
>>would have far less trouble flowing around and through such
> And thereby breaking existing law (and possibly getting it's programmers
> prosecuted because of data theft charges). Could this still be considered
> friendly, or could it not?

I consider much of our current IP law to be grossly Un-Friendly
and a serious handicap to [even] human advancement. It is even
technically illegal for me to digitize my own library and make
it available wherever I have a net connection. Most parts of it
I can only [legally] access by carrying around dumb slabs of
dead trees! It is certainly illegal for me to share it [in
electronic form] although I can loan out individual, original
hard-copy books.

On the other hand, having worked inside many corporate firewalls
in my life, I question that very much of great value to our AI
is inside many of them. A standing joke of mine in many
software companies I have been in is that the best way to bog
down our competition hopelessly would be to leak our proprietary
source code to them. So much is locked up and considered
precious which would be dismissed as trivial and ingrown if it
was aired publicly.

- samantha

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